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Modesto Dentist: John R. Jeppson DDS

On Time. Good dentistry requires a genuine respect for patients. And one of the things you'll notice right away about our practice is our respect for your time. When you arrive, we're waiting for you. Not the other way around. Yet we don't hesitate to take all the time needed during your appointment to identify your concerns and care meticulously for your teeth.

On Target. Good dentistry also requires accurate observation, diagnosis and treatment of individual patient needs. That's why Dr. Jeppson is so particular with his work, and so careful to train his staff to be the same way. We strive to be both thorough and precise so that our patients' smiles are healthy for years to come.

On Teamwork. Last, but not least, good dentistry requires a well-trained, dedicated staff that works as a team, and a tireless leader who loves what they do. Which is exactly the kind of group Dr. Jeppson has assembled over the last 25 years of practice. Our team of experts work hard to provide you with long-term dental health and enjoy seeing the results.