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Information About Our Dental Office

Look Us Over. Finding just the right dentist is not an easy task. First, because it’s often difficult to learn all that you need to know about them prior to actually having that first appointment. Second, because everyone has personality preferences. And third, because not all dentists have the same priorities or practice philosophy. So, we’ve established a website where you can learn all of these things prior to making a commitment to come and see us. You can check out our credentials, investigate our ideas about practicing dentistry, and take a look at our state-of-the-art technology. Plus, you can ‘meet’ the people who’ll be providing your care, before you’re actually in the chair.

Find Forms & Facts. Our website is also designed to assist our patients practically. No more spending extra waiting room time, filling out new patient history forms: just download them ahead of time from our site. No more wondering about what services are available to help with your specific dental concerns: simply peruse our Patient Services, read through our Common Questions section, or browse our Patient Library of thorough, easy-to-understand articles explaining various procedures. And if you still have questions, Dr. Jeppson is available directly via email for your convenience. 

Our website is just one more way for us to make our patient relationships our priority.

Look on the Bright Side

New Brite Smile Whitening Process Now Available

Smile about the convenience. Almost everyone can benefit from having a brighter smile. But not everyone wants to invest the time to undergo the requisite weeks of treatments and somewhat cumbersome mouth trays… sometimes resulting in only limited shade improvements. If this sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to know that Dr. Jeppson is now an authorized provider of the revolutionary, safe, easy “Brite Smile” process.  In just over an hour, we can now lighten your teeth-- up to eight shades from their current color, without sensitivity problems and with long-lasting results!

Smile about the easy process. If you’re considering having your smile brightened, simply discuss your specific goals with Dr. Jeppson so that he can help you evaluate how whitening might impact your particular situation. Once you’ve decided to become a “Brite Smile” person, the process is quite simple. First, Dr. Jeppson will spend time answering any questions you may have. After confirming the health of your teeth and gums, we’ll protect your gums and mouth with isolation materials and take a ‘before’ photograph. Next, Dr. Jeppson will apply the special “Bright Smile” gel to your teeth, which he’ll activate via a blue plasma gas lamp for about 20 minutes. Over the next hour, he’ll repeat this process twice, bringing your teeth to their brightest possible white. After the third application, you’ll simply rinse, smile for an ‘after’ picture, and be on your way… sporting beautiful, clean, white teeth.

Smile about the guarantee. The “Brite Smile” system even comes with a money-back guarantee. In fact, if you don’t see the results you anticipated, they’ll provide a touch-up session at no cost to you. And of course, your new, brighter smile will be preserved the longest if you’ll forgo such habits as smoking, drinking coffee, and drinking tea. After one to five years, should you notice that the new color has become less bright, you may choose to have a touch-up. So, we provide you with a special ‘touch-up’ tray and instructions for home use… a process that’s simple to conduct and effective for long-term maintenance.

Brite Smile is just one more way for us to make your smile and your schedule, our priorities.

Considering Your Comfort

New Stabident Technique Is Fast & Specific

Nervous Before You Undergo It. Let’s face it. There are just some areas of dentistry that can make people pretty uncomfortable. Like having pre-treatment injections that don’t always make you numb enough. Or getting so numb that your entire face and lip are inoperable for hours after a procedure. But at our office, we’ve always put a priority on patient comfort. And that’s why Dr. Jeppson is so pleased to be using the new ‘Stabident’ injection technique for anesthetizing our patients.

Numb Before You Know It.  Prior to the Stabident technique, significant dental procedures involving the lower jaw and molars required an equally significant injection of anesthetic. This injection had to be placed inside the mouth, piercing a muscle and spreading the injection throughout the entire lip, cheek, and lower face area. Then patient and dentist would wait and wait to see if and when the area became truly numb. In contrast, the Stabident system allows Dr. Jeppson to quickly and simply give the gums a small dose of local anesthetic, place the special injection directly into the nerve-free cortical layer, and follow through with the anesthesia into the deep pulp layer of the tooth. The numbing is nearly instantaneous; most patients never notice anything but a few seconds of slight tingling sensation. And what’s more, the Stabident injection acts only on the area undergoing treatment…meaning no drooping, drooling, or post-appointment downtime.

The new Stabident system is just one more way for us to make your comfort and precise care, our priorities.