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Is It Necessary To Use Antibiotics For False Knees Or Hips?

August 26, 2015

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Antibiotics are no longer needed for a dental procedure.Life can be hard when you have false knees or hips, especially if you have to receive dental treatment. Traditionally, patients were habitually given antibiotics before a dental procedure. It didn’t matter what procedure was being performed – antibiotics were always prescribed. Over the last decade, studies have shown that antibiotics are not necessary. In both the U.S. and Europe, it is widely accepted that antibiotics don’t do any good for the patient.

At our office in Modesto, CA, we constantly stay updated on the latest dental industry news. Most patients might find it interesting that antibiotics aren’t prescribed to them before any dental procedure. The dental industry has made many advancements just over the last five years, and we want to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. By introducing new and improved practices into our office, we can help you get the smile of your dreams. False knees or hips won’t keep you from receiving the best dental care around. Dr. Jeppson and our entire dental team will ensure you receive the best care possible. He’s the dentist Modesto residents can trust to deliver fantastic results.

Antibiotics and Dental Procedures

In the past, false knees or hips were surgically implanted by orthopedic surgeons, but when infections occurred, patients tried to sue the orthopedic surgeons. Lawyers caught wind of this and tried to pin the blame on dentists for not providing antibiotics to their patients. From there, it was generally accepted that administering antibiotics was necessary for patients with knee or hip replacements whom were receiving dental treatment. After much research and painstakingly sorting through many infection cases, it was determined that infections only lasted for nine days. From there, lawsuits dropped and the need for antibiotics was diminished.

So, is it necessary to use antibiotics for false knees or hips? Not at all. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, there was an article dated January 2015 that covered the antibiotic issue. It came to the following conclusion:

Evidence fails to demonstrate an association between dental procedures and PJI (prosthetic joint infections – in false knees and hips) or any effectiveness for antibiotic prophylaxis.”

What does all of it mean? Basically, antibiotics are no longer necessary before undergoing any dental procedures. There are many orthopedic surgeons that are steadfast in their claim that antibiotic-use is necessary before dental treatment. This is common because most of these orthopedic surgeons aren’t updated on the current American Heart Association protocol for antibiotic prophylaxis. No matter how hard they try to slice it, it’s generally accepted within the dentistry field that antibiotics are unnecessary if you have a knee or hip replacement. Empire, Waterford and Salida residents are encouraged to see us for any dental treatment.

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For those of you who have false knees or hips, the days of taking antibiotics before treatment are over. You can enjoy procedures without the assistance of antibiotics. We can help bring your oral health to where it needs to be with our professional services. No matter which type of treatment you seek, you can rest assured knowing that antibiotics are no longer a part of your dental routine. We welcome all people in Modesto, CA to visit with Dr. Jeppson.


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