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About Our Modesto Dental Office

Dr. Jeppson
Motivation. In 1989, Dr. John Jeppson graduated with his D.D.S. from the University of California at San Francisco and began practicing dentistry. But his interest in the field precedes that degree by many years. As a young teen, he spent untold hours alongside his family dentist observing and taking notes, learning about teeth, patient care, and clinical application. All of which is reflected in his genuine love for the work, his meticulous attention to detail, and his avid interest in helping patients attain excellent dental health.

Mastery. Dr. Jeppson's commitment to top-quality patient care is also reflected in his top-quality staff. Over the years, he's maintained a team of hard-working, dependable, seasoned experts who know how to genuinely listen, handle patient concerns, and provide the expert care that each patient deserves.

Kathy Van Laar - Office Manager and front office receptionist.
Hired September 16th, 1991

Valerie Casal - RDA
Hired November 14th, 1994